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Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski proposes disarming the Brazilian population

Justice Ricardo Lewandowski of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) defended the disarmament of the Brazilian population, on Saturday (Nov. 26), during an event that discussed the country’s priorities for the coming years.

Lewandowski proposed reviewing the number of weapons in circulation among civilians, which, according to him, is “absolutely disproportionate to the eventual dangers that the weapons are intended to ward off.

The judge was speaking during a panel that debated the balance and security of the Judiciary in Brazil in a forum promoted by Esfera Brasil, which brought together authorities, specialists, and politicians.

Ricardo Lewandowski. (Photo internet reproduction)
Ricardo Lewandowski. (Photo internet reproduction)

Lewandowski listed ten challenges that the next government must face.

Among the points mentioned by the minister are tax reform, the pacification of the country, the re-establishment of harmony between the Branches of Power, the strengthening of SUS (Single Health System), the recovery of the educational system, the promotion of social inclusion and the reactivation of the Brazilian economy.

Speaking about public security, the minister defended the combat against militias and organized crime and the reform of the penal system. “We need to move towards de-incarceration. Prisons are schools of criminality,” he said.

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