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Persecuted political influencer in Brazil: “I only ask for the same right as a drug dealer”

Censorship and political persecution established by the Judiciary in general and Judge Alexandre de Moraes in in particular have taken such bizarre forms in Brazil that they have led to situations like this one.

On Wednesday (Nov. 30), the Commission on Transparency, Governance, Supervision, and Control and Consumer Protection (CTFC) holds a hearing to discuss the supervision of the placement of political election advertisements.

Influencer Barbara Destefani, from the ‘Te Atualizei’ channel, whose name came up in the ‘Fake News investigation’, attended the Senate hearing.

Bárbara Destefani, as well as several supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL, right), whose channel was blocked by an order of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), asked the senators for “help.”

“What I’m asking for here is access to the democratic rule of law and due process that the Constitution, to which we are all subject, guarantees me.”

“I am asking here because of the news that has appeared in the newspapers where a judge ordered that a drug dealer’s trial be canceled because he did not follow due process.”

“I am talking here about a corrupt bandit who harmed an entire nation and whose trial was annulled because, in theory, due process was not followed.”

“I am here to inform your Excellencies that I have not received due process of law. For years. And not just me, but many of us.”

“So, absurdly, I am asking for the same right that the judiciary has given to a trafficker and a convicted corrupt. I am only asking for the minimum here”.


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