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Bolsonaro’s government denounces “climate hypocrisy” at COP27

On Tuesday, November 15, Brazil’s Minister of Environment, Joaquim Leite, criticized the leaders and business people who have come in private jets these days to Egypt to attend the United Nations climate summit, which for the second time the still president, Jair Bolsonaro, refused to attend.

“Philanthropists, leaders, business people, and their always exaggerated number of advisors arrived in private jets to the luxurious Red Sea resort to demand to others emission reduction targets,” Leite has criticized after it became known that the president-elect, leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, traveled in one of these planes.

Leite dismissed the proposals of those who attended the climate meeting in the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheikh for being “completely disconnected from the reality of the different regions of Brazil and the world”, referring, for example, to the use of “modern hydrogen or 100% electric cars”.

Brazil's Minister of Environment, Joaquim Leite
Brazil’s Minister of Environment, Joaquim Leite. (Photo: internet reproduction)

“Governments have the responsibility to act on this agenda with rationality without populist and utopian speeches,” said Leite during his speech at the summit, which Bolsonaro did not attend for yet another year.

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